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Everyone has the Spark of Life: the desire to connect, to help someone, to feel they contribute something of value in their family, their community and society as a whole. And finally, is the joy of learning, of mastering and freely expressing themselves.

The burdens of day-to-day living can appear to dampen that spark, we seem to operate in a narrow world where the apparent time it takes to learn and master new skills are seen as distractions that might keep us from our “goal” to survive, to make it. But in moments of crisis – there it is. Compassionate, immediate response and action comes unbidden, without thought, and right beside you is your neighbor, your sister, your brother and the passerby on the street working and learning together easily and effortlessly.

How is it that this creative, collaborative energy and social-mindedness isn’t always what we see and experience? Is crisis the only way that shatters our survival system allowing our spark of creative and collaborative energy to flourish?

Ignite-Yourself exists as an answer to these questions, a platform with which you can tend to your creative spark and kindle the flame of your curiosity to understand the world more completely and your place in it.

There are two main areas of focus both originating from the need to continue to create new and real world collaborative education environments:

  • ZeroGravity.Life project
  • Sleep Giant –  Performance Sleep app
  • S|W|E|T: Active Learning Project creation, management,support and training
  • Ignite Learning: Education Systems Consulting and Programs

Ignite-Yourself is a sister organization within the Zero-Gravity Solutions network whose expertise, resources and connections in education, commerce and government are at the ready to assist and mentor you in developing a solid foundation for your projects and help introduce your idea to the world. As with all of the divisions of the ZGS network, a portion of all proceeds from Ignite-Yourself programs and services go towards charitable organizations and social projects. mind body planet


The ZeroGravity.Life’s project: to create opportunities to experience oneself in a more integrated way – where attention is paid to engaging the challenges of life with our whole brain.

By addressing our life tasks with a wider capability and in real time, we are never left without a way to see and learn about ourselves and the world with fresh eyes in each and every moment.

Using this real time feedback presents us an opportunity to live, create and take action with mind and body synced with our life as it is, in the most complete way – less resistance, less stress, less turmoil – a life you want to wake-up-for in the morning.

Coming soon is our premier performance sleep app – Sleep Giant. Getting good quality and restorative sleep and the ability to relax is essential and even more important especially during this stressful and uncertain time with Covid-19,

Check out the ZeroGravity.Life project here.

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S|W|E|T Active Learning Project management support and training

Through our S|W|E|T active project management training program, anyone is invited to submit a project for crowd sourcing for financial, material or collaborative resources. With the management oversight, strategic planning assistance and infrastructure support by a highly successful group of experts with decades of systems and executive management experience we are able to provide a real world training experience with all of the organic aspects that are required for the project to be successful. The most effective S|W|E|T projects are ones that solve a need have the most real world application and creativity. Add something about equity – Ignite Yourself is committed to providing access to learning pathways for people of any age, background to experience effective real world education/work experience initially and throughout their lives.

S|W|E|T – Service. Work.Equity.Training. – is Ignite Yourself’s active project training infrastructure to provide supported “real world – active projects” that you are able to create. You are in charge of your project; to create and manage the scope and successful outcome inside of the project management and team member structure you build to assist you.

Ignite-Yourself will also assist you in the following areas: • Naming your project-for Marketing Purposes. • Project Overview • Strategic Planning • Budget Methods i.e. Crowd Sourcing • Strategic Partners • Project Management Tools • Definable Outcomes.

The Ignite-Yourself Founders have a lifelong commitment to impacting the trajectory of our learning and evolutionary process. To best serve that commitment Ignite-Yourself partnered with Industry, government and education organizations to create the most technological cutting edge education solutions.

What kind of projects can I create?

Literally anything as we are using the same principles used in the creation of anything new. However, we encourage people to create a project that’s has the greatest positive effect on society from the successful completion of the project.

We also encourage creating projects that are collaborative in their original design such that their results connect and facilitate another “connecting” project. As the number and complexity of connected projects the aggregate effect of all of their outcomes can create something greater than a collection of unconnected ones. Being able to effectively manage any type of project is paramount to effectively competing most anything we do in life.

Training oneself to take conceptual information and turn it into a real world project based experience based in action. By training yourself to be an effective “project manager” or as an “equity worker” on any S|W|E|T project, you will gain real world experience in building something of value to society.

At Our Core: Service

The core founders of Ignite Yourself have a life-long dedication to creating and improving all educational processes. We operate from the standpoint that being of service to another is the highest form of activity and that this element if experienced at the right time in a person’s life, can have a profound effect on all of their decision making structures involving their future life decisions because of the visceral and life changing experience when one removed self-interest from the equation. If you “don’t know” what you’re doing with your life or are discouraged by the daily grind, perhaps being of service will give you new perspective.

The essential elements of each S|W|E|T Project


No matter one’s standing in life there is someone else who for whatever reason has been dealt a hand that’s not as fortunate as yours. There is always someone not too far away usually that serves as a reminder that we do have enough creative energy and compassion to find something that will benefit more than just ourselves.

Although this aspect of the projects goes outside of the hard-nosed reality of commerce only, but through years of experience, the founders of Ignite Yourself have found that if one can realize the value in ‘being of service’ to something greater than themselves into their project, it is far more likely to engage people that also share a similar view and common direction, both fundamental to a successful project and partnership.


After one has defined the nature and outcomes of the project they must become, or learn how to, the engine for the project to rely on being completed. The intent in this aspect of a S|W|E|T project is for the project originator to learn about the level of attention and extra work it takes facilitate the maximum performance of all of their S|W|E|T – project partners (“employees in a real world situation”) time resources and energy just as anyone managing a project in the commercial process.


This is perhaps where participating in the S|W|E|T community could have its biggest impact on the way people think about their capabilities and their ability to visualize and create and plan to manifest something that is way bigger than them alone, and will require them to grow in order to be successful. This element of our programs strikes at the heart of the hurdle everyone must overcome in order to access new and higher potentials.

Once somebody has taken an “impossible or unknown” concept and turns it into a reality from their own hard work, their ability and willingness to trust and work with others will operate in a new realm. True self confidence is experienced and instilled when someone faces the inevitable doubt and anxiety that are part of any real world experience with a new level of structure, awareness and support often stopping people before you even start. By originating or participating in a S|W|E|T project you create your own personal access to the core elements of what constitutes a truly self-confident person regardless of age, class, wealth or status.

This self-knowledge is the priceless element that cannot be bought or acquired through manipulation and so for those reasons; it is perhaps the most valuable intangible elements available in life. Our intention is to help as many people as possible experience this with enough depth to affect their level of self-assuredness, a permanent benefit to all Ignite-Yourself S|W|E|T Project participants.


The opportunities available to every S|W|E|T Project Manager reach across all the elements necessary to successfully complete a project. This includes one of the most valuable experiential training elements which is to see how paying attention to the crucial elements of the project environment matches up with the realities of completing the project. Once again the simplest concepts are the cornerstones of the whole process. Having the discipline to follow through on ones plans without being distracted by all the activity of life is one thing in common that all “very successful” people in life display. Successful people always refer to their commitment to stay the course no matter what the situation looks like in order to right the objective.

Ignite Yourself Learning: A Systems Approach

Ignite-Yourself’s other primary focus lies in the realm of creating and delivering the newest and most advanced learning programs to government, education and commercial enterprises as with an increasing need to deliver better more effective ways of training their students or employees. Whether you are learning a classic subject or you want to develop a highly effective annual Human Resource training program for your employee requirements, or you want to teach your canine anatomy class more dynamically by using some virtual imagery, Ignite-Yourself has the education and development experience, to assist any customer in delivering a state of the art learning experience.

How is the new learning defined?

Latest neuroscience had shown us in just a few years what the founders of Ignite –Yourself a lifetime of intense study and inquiry as to how to improve our own learning trajectory so the methods that took decades to learn and understand have now been proven by science as being the most effective ways for humans to learn. With better ways to learn Ignite-Yourself is dedicated to pushing the envelope of what we consider to be the best education options, delivered with new and more sophisticated understanding of the learning processes. Now we can actually augment the learning process by integrating technology and systems thinking into it in the right way.

What’s next?

In order to produce next generation programs Ignite-Yourself has also partnered with world class subject matter and training experts that have access to the latest available digital content and the needed years of experience working with students of their discipline, such that they know the flow of how students experience and negotiate the new concepts and information accessed by the new activity. This area of education development offers the most

A Shared Vision of connected human systems

Attending to the 4 core elements is essential to get the most value from one’s S|W|E|T project. If any of them are not attended to we end up with systems that are not as well -balanced and therefore subject to break down! S|W|E|T projects are the perfect environment for creating collaborative projects, new systems and solutions that are representative of today’s thinking and human capabilities. One of the most valuable aspects of S|W|E|T projects is that they can be coordinated amongst a group with connecting outcomes where each project may choose to tackle distinct aspects of a larger project in the same way people co-op other services. S|W|E|T Projects can be designed to be aligned to connect in such a way as to aggregate and amplify their positive effect and reach. Each project can be created whole unto itself or with added options to make each outcome not only a success in its own right but part of a much larger reality being recreated by the “meta” S|W|E|T project. In this way the planning is done well enough in advance that one project would literally be analogous to one piece of a jigsaw that when fully completed creates a much more profound impact.

Never forget that you are one of a kind. …that if there weren’t any need for you in all your uniqueness to be on this earth, you wouldn’t be here in the first place.

– R.B. Fuller

© 2007, Ignite-Yourself LLC, All rights reserved.

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